what to do in Ayvalik

 Although Ayvalık is a small town, there are many places to visit and see in Ayvalık center and around Ayvalık in Balikesir. Ayvalık, a settlement belonging to the ancient Greeks, is a complete holiday resort. It is almost a paradise where you can store happiness and energy with its peaceful air, plenty of oxygen and beautiful scenery. If you happen to be in Ayvalık, we definitely recommend you to spend 2-3 days in this paradise. Especially if you have a busy work schedule and you can't spare much time for yourself, we say you have the right to a vacation. Remember, dear readers, we come to this life only once. Places to Visit in Balıkesir Unfortunately, no one will give us the opportunity to come to this world again. That's why, while there is time, while your hands and feet are still holding, travel and see while your possibilities allow it. Throw away the negative energy that life gives you by traveling, seeing new places and getting to know new cultures. Always keep your qu